Welcome to Canard Aviation

This is a place for canard airplane pilots, builders, prospective builders, and dreamers to meet, talk, and learn about these wonderful airplanes. In the menu you will find a forum for discussion, a wiki to post and acquire knowledge, links to builder web sites, and blogs. As time allows during the coming weeks and months, links will be added for parts suppliers and other resources.

What Is A Canard?

Well, in French it's a duck. To others (including quite a few French people) it 's a very slick composite airplane that is relatively inexpensive to build, and that gets you around at amazing speeds with excellent economy. It also looks really cool. The only similarity to ducks is that they fly (just much MUCH faster) and that they occasionally eat grass.

There are numerous variants of the canard airplane ranging from the small, but very fast VariEZ, the larger two seat tandem LongEZ, the three seat Cozy III and the four seat Cozy IV. These planes are all "plans-built". Then there are the kit planes, the Velocity, the SQ2000 and a few others.   more...