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Kinda Kozy MKIV RG SVX ( C-GPLE )


The Cozy Mk IV is a fine four place composite canard aircraft capable of excellent cross country performance in excess of 200 mph. The building process has been well documented by many builders so I will not be wasting bandwidth showing my progress.

My project has a number of design differences that I have implemented but are yet unproven. These web pages serve to reply to the numerous questions that I have received over the years regarding these changes. The design modifications discussed hereafter are not supported by Nat Puffer (Cozy Development Corp.) nor are they recommended without full comprehension of the consequences for implementing any design change.


The project has been a work in progress at my home since 22nd September 1991, but much of that construction time had to be given to the construction of the 700 square foot workshop which is on the South Western end of my house and accessed through the basement, business travel, other hobbies, and support to other builders in the area.

Video of taxi testing



A special thanks to the following people:

John Slade for hosting this site, John also hosts the Canard Aviation forum.

Nat Puffer for making the design possible.

Marc Zeitlin for all of his work supporting the Cozy mailing list and generally being the backbone of the Cozy community.

The Cozy Girls (Chrissi & Randi) for coming to rescue of many builders when Brock Engineering closed down. Although you will not find any girl parts on my aeroplane the products are of exceptional quality.

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Monday February 15, 2016