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Welcome to my "Kinda Kozy RG" Modified Cozy Mk IV Plans Set #0030

The project is based on a Cozy MK 1V design incorporating plans set #0030 as the source document. Some departure from the plans is incorporated which is the reason for my designation "Kinda Kozy". The design differs in the following areas:

  • Automotive engine conversion to replace the recommended Lycoming 0-360
  • "Infinity" retractable main landing gear,
  • Hydraulically retractable nose gear,
  • Hydraulic landing brake,
  • Increased canopy size with hinges at the front to simplify entry and exit,
  • Gull wing door for rear entry and exit, 
  • Matco braking system,
  • Home built propeller, and;
  • Simplified fuel system, 
It is these subject areas that are addressed in this and the following pages.

It is not my intent to encourage others into this arena, moreover I would try to dissuade attempting such endeavours since none of these modifications are proven. There is considerable risk associated with any and all of these design changes. The purpose of this set of pages is to respond to the numerous requests that have been made to explain how I have achieved my goals. In identifying issues that I have found to be fraught with risk I hope to save time and potential risk to others.

My goal is to create a design that meets my requirements for a fast affordable homebuilt aircraft that will accept my physically large frame yet be small enough to maintain the high performance expected of the canard pusher configuration. The attached image is a cosmetically engineered photograph illustrating the expected finished product that should be ready some time in the summer of the year 2005.

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