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Useful References

On this page I have collated a number of useful references some of which are readily available but some are not so easy to find:


Garmin GTX 327 Transponder Installation Manual

Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel Installation Manual

Garmin SL30 Installation Manual

Garmin SL30 Reference Guide

Garmin SL30 Users Guide

Garmin GNC 300XL GPS-COM Installation Manual

Garmin GNC 155 & 300XL GPS-COM Installation Manual

Garmin GNC 300XL GPS-COM Pilots Guide

MD41-44X Annunciation and Control unit

Icom IC-A200 Instruction Manual

Icom IC-A200 Installation Manual

Grand Rapids EFIS Sport Operators Manual

Grand Rapids EFIS Sport Installation Manual

Grand Rapids EFIS Sport Connector Definition

Grand Rapids EIS 6000 Operators Manual

Trio EZ-Pilot Altitude Hold Autopilot

Trio EZ-Pilot

Trio EZ-Pilot Servo


Zolatone Series 20

PPG Concept

Subaru Engine

2.0 Engine Section

2.1 Emission control system and vacuum fillings

2.2 On-car services

2.3 Engine

2.4 Engine Lubrication Systems

2.5 Engine Cooling System

2.7 Fuel Injection System

2.8 Fuel System

6.0 Electrical System Methodology

6.1 Engine Electrical System

6.2 Body Electrical System

6.3 Engine Wiring Schedule

Transport Canada Publications

Airman's Information Manual

Airworthiness Manual Chapter 549 - Amateur-Built Aircraft

Register My Amateur-built Aircraft in Canada

Aircraft Marks

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