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Cozy MK IV - #757 Total time: 120.3

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Last Update: 11/13/05

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This is neither the official cozy site nor even the unofficial cozy site. This web page simply describes my personal experience of a cozy Mk IV construction project as it progressed from a pile of parts and materials to an airplane that flys at over 200 mph. The text is mainly written for those who follow. Note that the text is chronologically organized by chapter so don't do the work as you follow along with me, or you'll repeat all my mistakes. I highly recommend that you read to the end of each chapter and each related chapter, both here and in a couple of the other builder's pages, and read the flight testing pages, before starting the work.

As you can see from the above picture, my cozy looks a lot likeNat Puffer's plane. It flies like it too. Maybe even a little faster and smoother. This web site served as my builder's log for the FAA certification. Rather than simply repeat the plans text I concentrated on things that didn't go according to plan and how I got around them. I visited other builder's sites at least four or five times in each chapter, just to see how things looked in they're pictures and read about the obstacles they hit. Hopefully this will help those who follow me but, remember the immortal words of Dennis Miller:

This is just my opinion. I could be wrong.

Building things out of glass and foam is easy.
Making the bits into an operational flying machine takes a lot of work.

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A daily log as I progressed toward first flight


How I came to start the project, some of the factors which affected the decision on type of plane, how I chose my suppliers, and my overall impression so far.

Current status

The hours listed are very rough estimates of time spent actually working on the project. This doesn't include research, preparation or cleanup. Keeping a precise hourly time sheet seems a bit meaningless and I don't want to be that regimented. Elapsed time is a much more useful and meaningful measurement to me. Initial progress was beyond all my expectations. I went from first foam cut to sitting on wheels in less than 12 weeks. After 18 months, the airframe was complete and in primer. I was then distracted by annoying things (like having to earn a living). I had over 14 months where my productivity went down to almost nothing. The airplane flew after 5 years, one month. I'm working very slowly through Phase 1 flight testing. In early July, after just 8.3 flying hours, the stock Mazda turbo gave up and the airplane was grounded for almost 3 months while I waited for a refurbished and modified turbo to come from Australia. In the meantime I got on with a few minor jobs and installed an engine monitor. Then I discovered that the turbo ate a seal and one of the housings on its way out, and the plane stayed grounded while the engine was removed and rebuilt. After 4 months delay for one thing and other the airplane is finally flying again and I'm gradually building the hours.

ChapterStart DateEnd DateHrs.
Chap 4 - Bulkheads3/6/993/22/9960
Chap 5 - Fuselage Sides3/22/993/31/9950
Chap 6 - Fuselage Assembly3/31/994/9/9980
Chap 7 - Fuselage Exterior4/9/994/28/9965
Chap 8 - Head rests, Seat Belts, Heat duct4/19/995/1/9948
Chap 9 - Landing Gear & landing brake5/1/995/28/99135
Chap 10 - Canard5/29/996/20/9992
Chap 11 - Elevators6/5/999/16/9945
Chap 12 - Canard Installation6/21/999/16/9920
Chap 13 - Nose, Nose Gear, Rudders6/23/9912/28/0097
Chap 14 - Centersection Spar7/29/998/29/9990
Chap 15 - Firewall6/20/007/14/0024
Chap 16 - Control System4/07/004/30/0045
Chap 17 - Trim System / center console8/15/9905/05/0079
Chap 18 - Canopy12/16/9910/12/00153
Chap 19 - Wings, Ailerons9/22/9912/14/99173
Chap 20 - Winglets & Rudders10/02/9912/14/9950
Chap 21 - Strakes, Fuel Tanks12/21/9902/11/00300
Chap 22 - Electrical5/5/993/10/04348
Chap 23 - Engine3/18/003/10/04600
Chap 24 - Covers & Fairings6/29/997/31/01340
Chap 25 - Finishing4/3/996/5/02720
Chap 26 - Upholstery8/1/009/3/0360
Chap 27 - Preflight6/23/033/10/04267
Chap 28 - First Flight4/1/044/9/0459
Chap 29 - Phase 1 flight testing4/10/047/4/05NA
Flight Stories and Trip Reports


Things I've done or plan to do different.

Tips and tricks

A few tips and tricks I learned along the way.


Links to suppliers, builders sites and other places of interest.

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