Nathan's Pictures

Cozy builder Nathan Gifford visited toward the end of the flight testing. He brought with him a production quality video setup, and a very high resolution camera. Here are the stills he took. The pictures are up to 2 MB each and the resolution is superb. Study of these images might help someone who's setting up a rotary. If there's something in these images you'd like explained, please ask me, ideally on the Canard Community Forum where others can benefit from the explanation.

right side. 3rd gen Oil cooler. Thermocouple terminal block. Intake duct and filter were under construction and are missing in this picture. turbo heat shield, turbo to intercooler duct Entire right side. The black alternator like thing in the middle is the stock smog pump used for vacuum Intercooler. Looking down on the pop off valve & throttle body Alternator LS1 coils, oil breather catch tank, coolant swirl tank Intake runners. Blue pipe is coolant air bleed Redrive. Remote oil filter, and yes - the fuel rails and injectors are UNDER the intake. Why? Because there wasnt clearance on top. Klaus spinner. Performance 84 * 66 prop Thanks to Polyfiber, I'm redoing all the paintwork. No lewd comments please. This is the actually view into the lower cowl boat tail / air exit Right side again. The red baffle meets a fiberglass baffle in the upper cowl to seal the wing root from airflow NACA scoop & airfoil with Eric Westland belly vortex generators Buttons, knobs, switches & dials Annotated Panel