Engine Setup Issues

It's engine setup time. I don't know my way around the 13B at all, but I want to get as many of the connections as possible done before calling in the local $40/hr experts. I have an idea where some of the pipes go, but I'd rather not make any expensive mistakes having AN pipes made to fit the wrong places. So, this seemed like an ideal time to pick the brains of those who've been there and done that. I took pictures of the engine from all directions and identified all the obvious fittings with items numbers.

I asked for help on the flyrotary list, then changed the labels as things were identified.

Other things I learned

Along with the identifications came some other useful tidbits of information:

1. Coolant feed to stock intake manifold / throttle body. On an aircraft installation, this MUST be vented to vapor collection point. Tracy suggests a fitting screwed into either of the water temp sensor points this.

2. The water temp sensor for the electric radiator fan speed control turns the fan on at 226F in stock car, depending on the relay scheme. This might be useful for controlling my Ferrari fan.

3. I have a 2nd gen oil filter pad on my 3rd gen engine.